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About the Project

The Solaris Project condominium from G&R Development Company is a designer low-rise luxury-class condominium. Seven-floor building with a total area of 76 424 sq ft (7 100 sq m) will be located in the prosperous and quiet district, Jomtjen in Soi Chaiyapruek.

Soi Chaiyapruek is a residential street with the wonderful infrastructure.

The condominium will be built within easy reach from restaurants and cafes, markets, grocery and gift shops, pharmacies. The convenient condominium’s location will let residents achieve the city center in 10-15 minutes and the beach in 5 minutes by private car or taxi.

The condominium will include 131 comfortable apartments, the one part of them will have the layout of studio and the other part will include apartments of European type (kitchen combined with living-room and separated bedroom).

The infrastructure of the project will include: nice swimming-pool, gym, children’s room, minimarket, laundry, massage parlors and spas, cafes and bar-restaurants of the traditional and European cuisine. Parking lots on the territory of the condominium will be available for property owners.

Already, the G&R Development Company offers unprecedented terms of purchasing of property in the Solaris condominium:

  • A deposit on any apartment will be only 50 000 baht (after the deposit transferred the builder will embark on the preparation of the documents stating the ownership of property);
  • Every client will get the individual installment with comfortable and easy repayment schedule;
  • Besides the individual installment payment, G&R Development Finance Department will provide each buyer an opportunity to settle into an apartment immediately. A happy owner of an apartment on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand will get the fondest keys after he or she pays only 50 % of the property’s cost;
  • With buying an apartment you’ll get the service offering the individual designer package. This service will let a buyer get rid of headache associated with decoration and finishing of apartments. Project designers will attentively offer several options for stylish apartment’s décor.

As of today, investments in foreign property are considered to be one of the best ways of saving and multiplying the personal savings. Thai currency (baht) is stable and has a constant and favorable parity with dollar and euro. By the way, a Solaris apartment will give its owner rental income of 10 % per annum if he or she rents it.

Besides favorable terms of apartment purchase in Thailand offered by G&R Development Company, one of the most essential advantages is the fact that the project is fully financed. Unlike most of building companies succeeding in Phatthaya market, G&R Development Company doesn’t borrow extra funds that are required for constructing and decorating the condominium. This guarantees that the project will be finished in due time and prevents from prolonged or frozen building.

The economic situation that can be observed today is very suitable for profitable investments. Investments in modern property under unique terms offered by G&R Development Company are not only a smart choice but also an excellent opportunity to improve your and your loved ones’ quality of life.